Snowflakes: A Testament to Resiliency Unbounded

“Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together.” -Vesta M. Kelly

I am a snowflake. snowflake2

I embrace the moniker wholeheartedly. I take the name meant to convey a meaning of weakness and fragility and, instead, embrace the title boldly and completely. I relish in the unique properties of the snowflake and exhibit the amazing qualities of nature’s most awesome creation. I am a snowflake.

Firstly, let’s take a moment to appreciation the astounding structure of the snowflake when viewed under a microscope. These complex, symmetrical structures are so unique, so individual that no other flurry in the world bears the same intricate pattern. Each snowflake assumes it own identity. Much like our proclaimed chagrin, we human snowflakes assume identities of our own. We do not fall victim to remaining in the status quo. The most dangerous solution to a problem is doing something the same way merely because that’s how it has always been done. My generation prides itself on being resourceful, on thinking outside the box. Our creativity knows no bounds. We relinquish the confines of the demanding drab grey suits that have held onto power for far too long.

Next, snowflakes band together to blanket the world in a bounding beauty. Similarly, we snowflakes see the ugly state of the current world and seek to bring beauty to masquerade the hate which consumes our world. We continue to unite, to encompass the world with bold new ideas of love, acceptance, and resiliency until we have successfully pressed out the hatred, greed, separation, and prejudice that currently defines life.


Some mock we snowflakes, calling us delicate and fragile, laughing as we “melt under the pressure of heat.” I counter with this. When a snowflake melts, it reverts back to its liquid state. A melting snowflake does not mean it is destroyed. Its ability to change states when confronted with outside forces only further testifies to its irrepressible nature and to its ability to adapt to the ever changing world, thereby overcoming obstacles, ensuring its survival. Much like the melting snowflake, we possess the ability to adapt to pressure and heat to survive. We change to fit the circumstances of our environment, but we do not lose our internal makeup. No, we remain, at our core, the same seeker of justice, the same proclaimer of acceptance. Most importantly, we understand that society must evolve. This is not the same world as yesterday and we embrace this change and fight to defend our believes. Never being destroyed.


It’s important that my generation and other activists shrugged off as snowflakes never give up fighting for what they believe in their hearts to be true and just. Our nation was built on the foundation of overcoming oppressors and never giving up your mores. Recent parties in positions of authority have long since utilized bullying, name calling, and ignorance in an attempt to exert a platform of intolerance of which we can no longer ignore. Everyday immigrants, racial minorities, members of the LGTBQ community, worshipers of particular religions, and many more are targeted for their differences. While these uniquely defining differences should be embraced and celebrated, they are instead attacked and force to be worn as a symbol of disgrace. Fear mongering can go on not a second longer.

We snowflakes must stand up and fight harder than ever. By embracing our fellow man, we possess the diverse nature of numerous cultures, the beauty that lies within tolerance, and the resiliency to never be destroyed, we can make a difference one flurry at a time.

Say it loud. Shout it from the rooftops. We are snowflakes. We are snowflakes. We are snowflakes. We are proud, we are strong, and we are not going anywhere.


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