Moving Day: Opening Pandora’s Box

“It’s easier to die than to move … at least for the Other Side you don’t need trunks.”  -Wallace Stegner, Angle of Repose


I’ve been up to my neck in old newspapers, cardboard boxes, and packing tape for months now and the day is finally here. It should be noted that this week’s blog post has been written in advance because on the very day it will go live, this rural country suburbanite will being making his trek 200 miles away to the concrete jungle of Houston to begin his life anew on the twenty-second floor of a high rise. I began packing waaaaaay too early (like the very day I decided to throw caution to the wind and do this spontaneous move in the first place) but now it’s more real than ever. In fitting with the theme of my current life milestone, find below ten thoughts everyone has while moving.

  1. How the hell did I ever get so much stuff?- It’s so easy to accumulate a massive pile of assorted junk and hide it away in drawers and behind closets. It’s not until every possession you own must be packed neatly into boxes does one truly realize how much crap one has.
    Opening image for article in AARP Magazine on the social and psychological effects of clutter in the home.


  2. I must be the Guru of organization.- In today’s wireless age, a person can’t do anything without first googling the best methods, watching hours of YouTube videos and studying the precise ways in which to optimally achieve a specific task. Moving is no different. I researched the best possible way to pack and sort belongings and boxes in the most organized fashion. In the end, I ended up rolling everything in paper and chucking it in boxes like normal….
  3. Cute moving selfies are a must!- Speaking of today’s connected world. It is actually scientifically impossible to move without posting unlimited photos of boxes attached with inspiration quotes and hashtags relevant to your new destination. And of course, I must admit I’m 100% #guilty. See #HoustonBound #DowntownLiving #MovingOnMovingUp


  4. How to break the news to your friends and family.- This is obviously a very real concern for those who find they’ll be moving to a new city, state, or maybe even country. Losing your friends is honestly the worst part, but thanks once again to social media, staying in touch has become much easier and more convenient. Sure, a Facebook message is no substitution but for the real thing, but it’s better than nothing. Alternatively, I find that hand written letters possess a charm all their own and definitely suggest you plan to be pen pals with your old friends if you can afford the time.
  5. OhMyGodThatWasMyF*****gFootOwwwwhh!- Probably most important lesson I learned the hard way, always wear shoes while moving heavy furniture. Rip my little foot.
  6. Well that a be a nice surprise to find later.- This phrase is usually proceeded by the sound of glass breaking in one of your many boxes.
  7. I wonder what dimealnner is going to be tonight…- If you’re like me, you hate packing and moving food items so you attempt to cook up the remaining food in your freezer and cupboards in the weeks before the move. Oftentimes, this leads to some very interesting meals that you would normally never prepare otherwise. For example, the other day I had salmon accompanied by a pickle and a side of broccoli and cheese soup.
  8. Next time I’m hiring professionals to do this for me.- We always say this and yet somehow it never comes to fruition…
  9. I need more friends with large trucks.- This one is pretty self explanatory. Have you seen the cost of moving vans lately?
  10. Why is moving so damn expensive?!- On the subject of costs, one should not plan a move unless they have considerable funds set aside. By the time you factor in deposits, first/last months rent, truck rentals, replacing old items, setting up utilities etc., a move can easily cost several thousands of dollars.

I always find its best to approach a potentially stressful situation with good planning and a dash of humour to lighten the seriousness. Probably the most important piece of advice I can give is to just breathe and take your time. Moving is a tough job, but it can be accomplished relatively pain-free if done correctly. I am most excited to begin my new adventure and start sharing my experiences with you all.

Please relate your own moving experiences and offer any tips, tricks, and anecdotes in the comments below!


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