The Face of Ambition

“When the unexpected meets with the unprepared, over there we find the greatest astonishment!” -Mehmet Murat Iladan

Story time… after having an argument with a friend over our contradictory believes

I’m all for maximizing physical pleasure, but this piece of furniture has been screwed even more than what I’d be comfortable with… seriously, soooo many screws went into this thing.

about sexual liberation, I fully intended to write a post about the detriments of slut-shaming and how there’s no place for it in our modern society. And then life happened. After I decided to not move my old chest of drawers with me to my new apartment simply because it was heavy and old anyways, I finally bought a new bureau from Amazon, fully understanding I’d be putting it together myself. Little did I know this seemingly simple task would be a Herculean feat that has robbed me of my entire day- and I’m still not done!!!!! fml. What’s more, I cut my finger in the process. I should have just moved the old piece of rubbish with me in the first place…

Moreover, I also spent many hours working on a website layout for a nonprofit with which I’m involved. Needless to say my passionate response defending the freedom one should be allowed to take with his or her own body did not materialize today, although it is most definitely a topic I’m interested in revisiting in the near future.

With that being said, I sort of cheated this week and am just posting a very brief journal entry I wrote for an English class several semesters ago. I definitely recommend saving everything you ever write, because you never know when an old prompt will come in handy. Therefore, I shamefully present to you a short description of a man whom I once fancied perhaps a little too much given he was already in a committed relationship with medical school. Enjoy and I promise to be back with an actual post next week!

“The first things that materializes in my mind are his distinct almond shaped, chestnut brown eyes. I remember them so vividly because of the perfect symmetry they possess, and how they contradict my own, which are of different sizes. His eyes are so haunting because I see a sparkle of ambition, the desire for a pursuit of knowledge. A tiny flame lies inside, burning with his passion to do great things, helping people all over the world. Moving down from his eyes, I see the quizzical crescent shaped smirk his mouth so often forms. His lips are not without colour, yet there is the perfect amount of pallor in them so as to not overshadow his glorious eyes. Beneath this stunning attributes, however, I notice a tiredness in the form of the dark circles that so often rape his otherwise perfect face. These are the circles of fatigue and worry from studying late into the night. Around his lips is the scruff of his five o’clock shadow he hadn’t time to shave before dashing off to lectures, labs, and clinicals. His is a face of physical attractiveness, yet more importantly, it is a face of strength; a face of determined perseverance. It is a face that proves that momentary discomfort will not supersede his burning wants to achieve the greatness that lies within.”

This isn’t the man I described above, but rather an actual photo of me right now.

2 thoughts on “The Face of Ambition

  1. He sounds sexy and motivated! Personally I’d of jumped at the opportunity (especially if the med student was long distance) but I’m alot less scrupulous than most 😉Good luck with your screwing 😅


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