Created for those who romanticize the mundane, who forge their own identity, or who simply possess a penchant to share and connect through the smiles and tears we all experience, this blog is designed as a diary of musings that relate personal perspectives to experiences every human endures.

Along the way, insight and advice is offered to combat a myriad of situations. It is my hope that these reflections will provide comfort through emotional times, spark creativity to create a world all your own, and simply broadcast that no matter your age, sex, orientation, religion, or race, we truly have so much in common. Join me along my own journey of self discovery as I navigate my way through relationships, change, and occasionally a little humor.

As a self proclaimed hopelessly hopeless romantic, I’m gearing up to navigate the world post college to discover the inner light that lies within us all. Throughout my writings, you’ll notice my proclivity for a good quote as there’s nothing better than finding a piece of literature that relates to everyday life.

You, the reader, are always encouraged to comment on my posts, sharing your own stories. I hope to gain just as much from you as I  have to share with you.


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